Anaesthesia and Analgesia -what's topical?

12.30  Registration/lunch: TRADE DISPLAY
13.30 Group A Group B
Lecture ( 2 Hours) PBLD 1 (60 min)
PBLD 2 (60 min)
15:30 Afternoon tea: TRADE DISPLAY
16.15 Group A Group B
PBLD 1 (60 min) Lecture (2 hours)
PBLD 2 (60 min)
18:15 Close

Lectures – half the group, 25 minutes/lecture + 20 minute discussion

1. Analgesia for LL surgery -the RMH experience Pain fellow(Bethany/Noam)
2.  Predicting high pain scores postoperatively Dr Malcolm Hogg
3. New analgesic agents   TBA
4. Opioid hyperalgesia Dr Karin Jones

PBLD – 1 hour each, 15 people per session

1.  Anaphylaxis(CPD Emergency Responses)  Dr Andrea Bowyer  & Dr Jai Darvall 
2.  Haemorrhage(CPD Emergency Responses)     Dr Michael Kluger  & Dr Rauri Orme
3.  QA(Small group case discussion)-Complex Airways   Dr Charles Kim  & Dr Graham Lethbridge
4.  QA(Small group case discussion)  Dr Juliana Kok & Dr Megan  Allen 
 - Conundrums in neuromuscular blockade     

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