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The MH resource kit is available for download. It contains suggestions for the preparation and management of malignant hyperthermia in an operating room environment. It has been developed by the MHANZ group whose members are anaesthetists and scientists who conduct diagnostic testing for malignant hyperthermia and have a special interest in treatment and prevention of MH.

The Resounce Pack and its contents were reviewed and  approved by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in 2009.

The Resource Pack consists of:

             Download PDF'sMH Introduction ( updated Sept 2012)    

                                              MH Crisis Initial Management    

                                              MH Reporting Form

          MH Education Poster

The previous version of this poster has been modified to reflect the lack of availablility of procainamide. The poster is available for download in A3 and A4 size. Posters are no longer available from Pfizer Australia.

Download PDF's - MH Education Poster"You've only got a few minutes"     
                             MH Education Poster (Color)

MH Crisis Task cards

Download PDF's -
Task Card 1  
Task Card 2  
Task Card 3  
Task Card 4   (updated Sept 2012)
Task Card 5   
Task Card 6   
Task Card 7

Based on the aviation safety model, MH task cards are intended as a simple and reliable way to delegate the multiple high priority tasks to available theatre staff. The cards are self-explanatory to staff, even when the task is not their usual job. The cards should be kept with your dantrolene (see recommended contents for "MH box") and distributed by the co-ordinating anaesthetist to the most appropriate staff members. In some situations staff will be required to complete more than one task card in an MH crisis.

The cards in this document represent a basic template for the management of MH. Fill in appropriate local details on the cooling & logistics task cards. Hospitals are encouraged to modify Dantrolene mixing equipment with the most appropriate available at their institution.

MHANZ actively encourages hospitals to modify the contents to suit your local needs.

The resource kit and cards were developed with the help of the following individuals:

  • Dr Robyn Gillies VIC
  • Dr Neil Street NSW
  • Dr Neil Pollock NZ
  • Dr Mark Waddington NZ
  • Dr Margaret Perry NSW
  • Dr Philip Nelson WA
  • Dr Elaine Langton NZ
  • Dr RobWhitta NZ
  • Dr Kathryn Stowell NZ
  • Dr Mark Davis WA
  • Dr Andrew Bjorksten VIC

and the original ideas from the Southern Health Simulation Centre under the tutelage of Dr Brendan Flanagan.

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