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Research and Fundraising

What is MHANZ?

MHANZ was officially formed in November 2004 as a fundraising Group for Malignant Hyperthermia research and testing throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is administered through the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

MHANZ is a collaborative of all the testing centres for MH in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on research and funding for research. All members are directly involved in research and in-vitro contracture testing for MH.

What are the aims of MHANZ?

The aim of the organisation is to further research into MH and its associated conditions and to make MH testing more readily available in Australia and New Zealand.

The MHANZ mission is to coordinate Australian and New Zealand research into MH and potentially related genetic muscle disorders, and to raise funds for this research.

Why do we need MHANZ?

MHANZ formation was prompted by the lack of funding available for such a rare disorder. This is in the context of the need for patients with known or suspected MH to have access to newer and less invasive testing methods such as genetic testing.

MHANZ was formed to establish a “structure” that represents Malignant Hyperthermia in Australia and New Zealand to perform the following functions:

  • Auspice and develop a Fund which will support medical research, medical equipment in testing centres and the development and management of an ANZ MH Database.

  • Maintain a website with information on research and funding requirements.

(Prior to the development of MHANZ there was no single easily-accessible point of reference for professionals or the consumer community in Australia to access information about MH.  The MH website development seeks to address this significant shortfall in communications.)

How can I donate?

Funds donated can be directed into specific projects or made available for all projects within MH research and testing. Funds are distributed to specific projects conducted by MHANZ members.

For donations please contact:

Dr Robyn Gillies  

How do I know where my money is going?

The MHANZ website will display up to date information on funded projects and their progress.

What areas currently require funding?
Areas of research and testing that currently require funding are:

  1. Genetic testing to characterise all Australian MH families

Dr Robyn Gillies, Dr Andrew Bjorksten, Royal Melbourne Hospital

  1. Verification of new mutations as functional

Dr Margaret Perry, Dr Neil Street, Westmead Hospital

  1. Functional mutation analysis using B lymphocytes

Dr Kathryn Stowell, Palmerston North

  1. Exploration of links between CCD, EIR and MH

Dr Mark Davis, Royal Perth Hospital

  1. Mobile MH testing centre

Dr Neil Street

  1. Quality assurance in and between laboratories


  1. Creating a non-invasive one-off test for MH to eliminate the need for the invasive IVCT.

When do we meet?

The MHANZ (research and fundraising) Committee meets formally annually in September/October to determine activities and priorities for the Group for the following year.

Dr Robyn Gillies VIC
Dr Neil Street NSW
Dr Neil Pollock NZ
Dr Mark Waddington NZ
Dr Margaret Perry NSW
Dr Philip Nelson WA
Dr Elaine Langton NZ
Dr Rob Whitta NZ
Dr Kathryn Stowell NZ
Dr Mark Davis WA
Dr Andrew Bjorksten VIC



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