Staff Contacts

Full-time Staff Anaesthetists

Prof Daryl Williams   
Dr Liz Pemberton 
Deputy Director

Prof Kate Leslie

Head of Research

Dr Keat Lee

Head of Clinical Operations

Dr Malcolm Hogg                Head of Pain Manegement Services

Dr Garry Donnan 
Dr Brad Hockey 
Dr Charles Kim
Dr Roni Krieser 
Dr Su-Li Lim
Dr Andrew MacCormick 
Dr Paul Mezzavia 
Dr David Moore 
Dr John Morris 
Dr Irene Ng 
A/Prof  Reny Segal
Dr Joan Sutherland 
Dr Graham Lethbridge

Dr Alistair Walpole

Visiting Anaesthetists

Dr Michael Kluger Dr Barbara Heath   Dr Priya Rajendra
Dr Tom Tan  Dr David Andrews   Dr David Hoyle  
Dr Jane Mackenzie   Dr Karlo Testen Dr Francis Loh
Dr Colin Iatrou   Dr Belinda Schramm  Dr Paul Soeding  
Dr Robert Beavis   Dr Nick Jansen   Dr Patricia Newell  
Dr Timothy Webb Dr Jacob Boon   Dr Karin Jones  
Dr Ruari Orme   Dr Helen Vokach-Brodsky  Dr Lynne Cade  
Dr David Canty  Dr Greta Palmer   Dr Tim Haydon 
Dr Barbara Chia   Dr Juliana Kok Dr Robyn Gillies
Dr Penny Clunies-Ross   Dr Mi-Jin Kim   Dr Colin Royse  
Dr Peter Dawson   Dr Bryan Lahansky  Dr Gerard Stainsby  
Dr Ben DiLuca Dr Elizabeth Leslie   Dr Peter Courtney
Dr Sally Lacey Dr Lara Tickell Dr Jenette Wright
Dr Andrea Bowyer Dr May Lim Dr Kara Allen
Dr Jai Darvall

Other Contacts

Ms Diane Lyons   
PA to Director 
Ms Ally Lam

A/Prof Andrew Bjorksten 
Medical Scientist 
Ms Pauline Parker   
Acute Pain Nurse

Ms Marama Dunne                    Chronic Pain Nurse

Ms Rochelle Cotter                    Research Nurse Manager
Ms Marcelle Stewart                 Research Nurse

Ms Nikki Zingerie                       Research Nurse

Ranjit Kumar   
Equipment Officer



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Advanced Life Support (ALS) Course

Fibre Optic Airway Workshop



Annual Refresher Course

International Hokkaido Trauma Conference

The Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management is an accredited site of training of
the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).