Fellowships at RMH:   FAQs

How many fellowships do you offer?


When is your intake?

Either at the beginning of February or August

Can I work part-time?

Yes we are able to offer part-time positions.

Can I have either a 6 or 12 month Fellowship?

Yes we offer both.

Do you consider overseas applicants?

You are eligible to apply if you are residing overseas. While we take a number of international Fellows each year, we do give preference to applicants who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.  Overseas applicants must have finished or be close to finishing training in their home country.

What type of Fellowships do you offer ?

We offer 2 cardiac, 4 neuro, and the remainder are general fellowships which can be tailored to your interests (eg. more trauma, head & neck anaesthesia,  regional, vascular etc.) We do not have obstetrics or paediatrics.   In general about 50% of your time will be spent doing lists you’ve requested, and the remainder will be spent doing other lists or covering out-of-hours.  We are also able to offer a research fellowship which comprises a 50:50 split between clinical and research work.    You are not rotated to ICU during your Fellowship.

I am interested in research and teaching…do you offer any ?

We are very active in terms of both these areas…there is ample opportunity for you to get involved if you are interested.

What about Fellow Teaching?

The Fellows have an afternoon once a month to get together and have a teaching session. The   Fellows also receive  one half  day of non-clinical time per fortnight for continuing education activities.

What are the hours and supervision like?

The working week is 43 hours.  During weekday hours you are frequently rostered with a consultant on a 1:1 basis, or if you are working on your own there is an in-charge consultant available to help you. There is no on-call as such…when you are rostered for a night shift for example, you start at 1730 and finish at 0730 hrs.  There are 2 consultants on-call: 1 for general call and 1 for cardiac. The primary consultant is often present in the evenings or on weekends due to the volume of work.  You are rostered with 2 junior trainees in the evenings, one of whom finishes at 2230, the other at 0730 hrs.  The primary consultant is exclusively available to you by telephone once they leave the hospital.

What about the cardiac Fellowship?

We have one of the busiest cardiac surgical units in Australia.  We are a referral centre for the Royal Women’s and Royal Children’s hospital, so we also treat paediatric cardiac patients who are transitioning to adult care and we have the occasional parturient with cardiac problems.  We also have cath labs which are busy with electrophysiological investigations and treatment and we provide anaesthesia services to them.  We do not do heart and lung transplantation.   We do have a TAVR service which treats 1-2 patients monthly.

Over 2 days a week of cardiac you could expect to do 2-4 pump cases, so over the year about 70-100 cases.   A number of cardiac fellows are working towards an echocardiography  qualification during their time with us…there is one offered through the University of Melbourne. 

How do I apply ?

The positions are advertised on the hospital website RMH Doctors in March, and are usually open until early June.  You can only officially apply during this period. You need to complete the online application form, attach a CV and supply 3 references using the standardised reference form which is on the website.   We are happy to conduct telephone interviews for interstate or overseas applicants.



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