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How many first year specialty training jobs will you have?

We usually have around 8 registrar positions, although the final number depends on several factors. For these 8 positions we receive about 80-100 applications, and we short-list about 25-30 applicants for interview.

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Where do you rotate to?

Our rotating hospitals are The Western Hospital in Footscray, Ballarat Base Hospital, and Albury hospital. In the first 2 years of your training, you could expect to do 9 months of anaesthesia at RMH, 3 months of ICU at RMH (a compulsory module for anaesthesia training), 6 months of anaesthesia at Western, and 6 months in the country at either Albury or Ballarat. 

In the third year, all trainees in Victoria enter the OPATS scheme (obstetric and paediatric anaesthesia training scheme). After this, most trainees choose to come back to RMH. Most of 4th year is spent at RMH, although 3-6 months at Western is not uncommon. While we try to ensure that no trainee will spend more than six months in the country and 3 months in ICU over their entire training, this may not always be possible depending on the numbers at each year level.

We are usually able to accommodate requests for additional training time in the country or ICU. In the latter case, for example, for trainees completing dual FANZCA and JFICM qualifications.

The fifth year of training has more flexibility in terms of how it can be completed. A number of our trainees choose to return to RMH for this year.

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How do you determine who gets short-listed?

All the applications are scored by the Supervisors of Training at RMH.  Our short-listing process is based on the ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists) document “Guidelines for the Selection of Trainees”.

Essentially we will be focusing on your academic background, your participation in continuing medical education & teaching, research, quality assurance activity, and your references.

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I don’t have much or any anaesthesia experience, and I don’t have my first part exam, am I still able to apply?

Having anaesthesia experience is not a pre-requisite. . . although having some may make it easier for you to decide that this is the specialty for you.   Some applicants are working towards getting their first part exam, or indeed may already have passed one or both components of their exam…while this demonstrates some commitment, it does not factor heavily in our selection.

The minimum requirements to apply are that you are registrable in Victoria as a medical practitioner, and that you have at least 24 months post-graduate general hospital experience (the College refers to this as Prevocational Medical Education and Training, of which only a maximum of 12 months can be in the areas of clinical anaesthesia, ICU or pain medicine).

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Do you have any HMO Critical Care positions?

We have 2 HMO Critical Care positions. The year consists of 3 months each of anaesthesia, ICU, emergency and relieving. The anaesthetic rotations will be in the first 6 months of the year. These positions are suitable for either second or third year HMOs.

If you are applying for a registrar position but would consider an HMO Critical Care job should you be unsuccessful, please submit an application for both positions. You will only be invited to one interview. If you have submitted an application for both positions and only receive a registrar interview, that means we will still be considering you for a Critical Care position.  Conversely, if you only receive a Critical Care interview then your registrar application has been unsuccessful.

In general, the HMO applications are scored using similar criteria to the registrar applications. Should you be short-listed, you will be invited to an interview in the Department of Anaesthesia. The interview panel usually consists of the Director, Deputy Director and one or both Supervisors of Training.

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When are the interviews?

The registrar interviews are usually around July-August. The exact date is determined following a meeting at ANZCA which is attended by representatives from the training hospitals around Melbourne.

Interviews for the HMO Critical Care positions will usually be a few days to 1 week prior to the registrar interviews.

If you are short-listed but happen to be interstate/overseas we can conduct a phone interview. The interview panel for registrar positions consists of either the Director or Deputy Director of our Department, the Supervisors of Training from RMH, Western, Ballarat and Albury, and an ANZCA representative from the RMH Department of Anaesthesia. 

RMH participates in the match process for BTY1 positions which is co-ordinated by ANZCA. This takes place about a week after interviews at the major teaching hospitals have been completed.

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What kind of work do you do at RMH?

Most adult surgery is done at RMH, with the exception of obstetrics & gynaecology.  We have a busy pain unit, and are one of the 2 trauma hospitals in Victoria.  We have an excellent mix of elective operating and a large emergency case-load.  Our rotating hospitals also have obstetric/gynae and paediatric lists.

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What about teaching?

All trainees at RMH have 5 hrs a week of training time, which occurs on Friday mornings. The Department has a weekly morning meeting which alternates between morbidity & mortality, journal club, and research. Following this we have tutorials designed to be of general interest to all trainees. Later in the morning there is specific teaching targeted at those sitting examinations. Each of the rotating hospitals has its own tutorials.

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I am a current BTY1, BTY2 or ATY1 trainee elsewhere and want to move to RMH. . . is this possible?

It is difficult to predict whether we will have positions available…openings usually occur if our trainees decide to move elsewhere, or take time off for other reasons. . . and this may not become apparent until well into the year.   In any case, we would strongly encourage you to apply.

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I am an overseas applicant and am interested in applying…am I eligible?

We have a lot of interest from local applicants for our year 1-4 anaesthesia training positions.  We would currently only consider non-Australian citizens or permanent residents if they have full registration with the Australian Medical Council.  There are a number of pathways towards obtaining this certificate. Please see the Australian Medical Council website for details.

If you are an International Medical Graduate Specialist, you would first need to be assessed by the Overseas Trained Specialist scheme of ANZCA, and your application would then be considered on its merits taking into account the assessment of ANZCA.

We do, however, employ a number of overseas trainees for our Fellowship (year 5) positions.  These trainees are highly experienced, have completed most or all of their training in their own countries, and have the necessary seniority to be able to deal with both the most complex clinical work and theatre management responsibilities of a major teaching hospital. If you believe you are suitable for such a position, you should contact the Supervisors of Training. Email :

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I would like to come and look around the Department and have a chat, is this possible?

We will not be seeing anyone individually prior to interview, unless they are already working at RMH or one of our rotating hospitals.

If you have any questions which are not answered here, please feel free to email  the Supervisors of Training

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How do I apply?

Our application process is internet based.   Positions will be advertised on the Melbourne Health website For details regarding opening and closing dates for the positions, please contact the Medical Workforce Unit at RMH.

If I'm unsuccessful can I get any feedback?

 Due to the large number of applicants, we do not have the time or resources to give individual feedback to those who are unsuccessful. Given the level of competition, failure to be short-listed is usually due to inadequate information in the CV, less than outstanding references or a combination of the two.

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