Fibre-Optic Airway Workshop

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Practical, Hands-On, Dexterity Training for Airway Specialists
(ANZCA CPD Approved Workshop)

Awareness of the role of fibre-optic skills in airway management is thankfully high. Unfortunately, the problem of acquiring and maintaining the vital psychomotor skills is universal.

To remedy this problem, research done by us and other authors has shown that these skills, once acquired, can be transferred from anatomical and non-anatomical models to the clinical setting. It has also been shown that it is cheaper & more effective to achieve benchmark endoscopic skills by spending 2-4 hours on an appropriate model than by performing 18-45 clinical endoscopies.

We are running hands-on, manikin based, dexterity training workshops for specialists which address these issues.

Participants spend more than 50% of the workshop time with scope in hand. The training and individual assessment is validated and will directly transfer to the clinical setting. The Karl Storz fibre-optic equipment available to every participant on this workshop is brand new and state of the art.

Each workshop is run by three consultant anaesthetists (all airway, fibre-optic teaching and research enthusiasts!) and is limited to ten participants.

We will be running this workshop every six weeks and thus aim to meet the participant demand.

The Workshop in Summary

  • Pre-reading pack reviewing airway management and fibre-optic concepts
  • Manikin dexterity training workshop
  • Validated training and assessment
  • Skills practised will directly transfer to the clinical setting
  • Limited to 10 specialist participants per workshop
  • 5 Dexterity manikins and 5 scopes i.e. 2 participants per manikin and per scope
  • Approximately 50% of the workshop time will be spent with scope in hand
  • Participants will train with brand new, state of the art, Karl Storz fibre-optic equipment
  • ANZCA CPD Approved Workshop
    Category 3/Level 2: 3 Credits per hour for Workshops and Category 2/Level 1: 1 Credit per hour for pre-reading of materials.

Sponsored by: Storz


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